Rob Walrond feeding the pigs, Glebe Farm, PitneyRob Walrond feeding the pigs,
Glebe Farm, Pitney



Paintings, drawings and the voices of Somerset farmers

Following the success of her three previous documentary art projects, in which she shadowed Somerset willow growers, peat diggers, shepherds and beekeepers, Kate Lynch is preparing for her next exhibition and book, ‘Farm, Paintings, drawings and Somerset voices’ She has spent the last two years visiting old Somerset farms on the Somerset Levels and making paintings and drawings of the work of dairy farmers, cheese makers, apple growers, cider makers, willow growers and others. Her paintings and charcoal drawings celebrate the work going on today. She has also recorded conversations with the farmers, and collected their childhood and farming reminiscences. Most of the farms have been in the same family for generations and the past is woven into the present in the collection of paintings, drawings and voices. The project culminates in a new book (publication date June 3rd 2017) and exhibition. This will be the inaugural exhibition at The Somerset Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury when it re-opens after major refurbishment on 3rd June 2017.

“I used to go out and sit on the stool and help my father milk the cows, that was one of my earliest memories. We kept cows and a few sheep and my father ran a boar service, he used to keep a boar for other people to bring their sows to….. I remember when it was about ten shillings a time, and the last one was about 25 shillings. Bill Hodge used to bring his sow down here on a horse and cart.”

Jimmy Lockyer, cider maker and farmer, Beer