Painting by Kate Lynch


Kate Lynch works in oils, pastels and willow charcoal. She has become known for her documentary drawings and paintings of traditional rural trades and crafts. She has published books on willow growers and basket makers on the Somerset Levels (Willow 2003), shepherds and other people working with wool (Sheep - from Lamb to Loom 2009) and Somerset beekeepers (The Beekeeper and the Bee 2012).

She is currently working on a new collection of paintings and drawings of Somerset farmers. As with her other projects Kate is interviewing her subjects, collecting their memories, and the words of the farmers sit alongside her paintings and drawings. This historic collection of images and sound recordings will be exhibited at the Somerset Rural Life Museum in April (see News) and the book the book will be published.

Kate has received awards for her work from the Arts Council, Somerset County Council, Wessex Water, Black Swan Arts, Somerset Levels and Moors Action for Rural Communities, Lark Trust, Elmgrant Trust and other bodies. Her paintings are in several public collections:Wessex Collection, Longleat; Talboys Collection, Royal West of England Academy; Somerset County Museum’s Collection; St. George’s Hospital, London.

Kate is married to painter James Lynch and they live on the Somerset Levels. Their daughter, Alice Mary Lynch is a designer and doll maker.

“Kate’s paintings are not realistic in a photographic sense but are deeply expressive and atmospheric.”

Fanny Charles