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Kate draws with locally grown willow charcoal, using rags and rubbers to create rich tones and textures. As well as quick charcoal sketches, she produces large worked up expressive drawings (average size 70x60cm). She also uses soft pastels. Her paintings are intimate oils on paper, low key, using a limited palette (mostly no larger than 40x30cm). Her sketchbooks are full of quick sketches and notes.


As well as recording rural farming work, Kate enjoys other rural traditions. She and her husband founded a Mumming troupe in 2003, the Langport Mummers. The troupe perform their traditional St. George play at Somerset’s winter cider wassails, where singing and ceremony are said to ward off bad spirits in the orchards. Mumming and Wassailing have featured in several paintings and drawings. Other subject matter includes starling murmurations, the Somerset Levels landscape and imaginary mother and child images.

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Past Paintings

Charcoal Drawings



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