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Charcoal Drawings

Kate works in sketchbooks and also produces large expressive worked-up charcoal drawings.

Her interest in charcoal began with her documentary project on Somerset's willow growers and basket makers. Somerset willow makes soft velvety charcoal used by artists.  The average size of works is 70 x60cm.

Subject matter includes the mother and child theme, mummers, cider wassails, the winter starling roost, old Somerset farming and rural traditions.


Kate and her husband are founder members of the Langport Mummers, a street-theatre troupe who take their traditional St. George and the Black Knight play round pubs and Wassails at Christmas and New Year.

Wassails are ancient (fun) ceremonies in cider orchards which take place around old New Year on January 17th with music, song, fire, cider and ritual gunshot and blessing old cider apple trees.

For more information the Langport Mummers have their own Facebook page.

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